The ink on Shonda Mackey

Shonda Mackey from Scottsdale, Arizona

Where did you grow up?
Florence & Grand Junction, Colorado.

How was it growing up there, would you say that it influenced you?
It was nice growing up there, beautiful and lots of outdoor activities! It influenced me to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, however, I didn't like the winters so I moved out to a warmer state!

When did you start getting tattoos?
I was not allowed to get tattoos while I was living with my parents, so I had to wait till I was 18!

How would you describe your style?
A style of its own I suppose, I cover a lot of genres with my modeling.

Do you consider tattoos as a serious art form?
I do, it is a form of self-expression. It’s not easy being the tattoo artist.

How do you see the tattoo culture right now?
The biggest it has ever been, it's all over magazine and television. More and more top name/main stream brands are incorporating tattooed models in their ads!  

What has been your inspiration for getting them?
Each one has their own story. Whether it's personal, a lesson, a loss of a loved one, or something I desired.

What’s your favorite piece?
I don't like to choose just one as a favorite piece, they are all my favorite! 

Do you catch people starring at you because of your ink?
Yes, most definitely. 

In your opinion, do your tattoos change your mood often?
Yeah, they help me cope with what I may be going through at the time. They also help me take my mind off of things in my current life.

Which tattoo has the most hours in it and who is the artist?
That would be my right leg, and I have around 40+ hours into it so far. The artist is Arlo DiCristina from The Raw Canvas in Colorado.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get their first tattoo?
Do your research and talk to the artist one on one, look at their portfolio and feel out the vibe with the artist. Be clear with what you want! 

Will you be getting anymore?
Yes, of course.

What’s your biggest inspiration, what keeps you going?
It might be the fact that I know within myself that I can do anything. To realize that what I have already accomplished is more than I ever imagined I would gain to begin with, and that the only one that it's going to matter to at the end of the day is myself and the fans that I have gained along the way.

What is one thing that life has taught you?
The only thing that matters is to do what makes you happy every single day, life is way too short and not guaranteed. Don't put so much effort and obsession into materialistic items and more so into helping, caring and improving the lives around you.

Do you have a favorite quote?
100's, but here is one: “Always help someone, you may be the only one that does.”

Anything else you would like to add?
Just to follow me on my Facebook fan page and on Instagram to keep up with all my current work! 

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Lucas Media Production - 1. 
Photography by Terrence - 2.
Northern Downpour - 3, 4, 5.