The ink on Makani Terror

Makani Terror from Muenzenberg, Germany

Where did you grow up?
Germany, Duderstadt a very small town in the middle of Germany, very Catholic.

How was it growing up there, would you say that it influenced you?
It was really hard to express yourself in that area. Nobody understands you, and everybody saw you always as a freak.

When did you start getting tattoos?
I started getting tattooed when I was 15 years old. It was a small lettering which said, "punx forever."

How would you describe your style?
I don’t have a special style, but I like the dark and morbid rolls. I like to play the bad girl.

Do you consider tattoos as a serious art form?
Sure, it is real art and the best way to present this kind of art.

How do you see the tattoo culture right now?
It’s growing bigger and bigger, we have so many great artists now and the colors are much better than in the past. Today everybody wants to have a tattoo.

What has been your inspiration for getting them?
My tattoos are a little history-painting-story. I tried to handle lots of experiences with it and of course, I really like the option of that. I like to show tattoos, colors and styles.

What’s your favorite piece?
My favorite piece is the Leonidas on my leg, from the movie "300". I am a really big movie fan. The other one is three skulls on my neck. It’s the first tattoo that my boyfriend tattooed on me, so it’s a special love one for me.

Do you catch people starring at you because of your ink?
Oh yes, all the time! It’s always a good excuse to stare at my boobs too.

In your opinion, do your tattoos change your mood often?
Oh yes, it gives me more confidence and self-esteem.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get their first tattoo?
Check out the shop before your first one. Is it hygienic, clean, how is the quality of work? Also, is the person friendly? There are a lot of things you have to consider and of course, is that the right tattoo for you? Do you want to wear it all your life amd what plans of work do you have? Don´t tattoo areas if you want to work in an office or something like that. Most jobs don´t allow tattoos that you and the customers can see.

Will you be getting anymore?
Yes of sure, I have a lot of open space on my body!

What’s your biggest inspiration, what keeps you going?
I really like to go to conventions. It’s a good way to check the new artists and styles. I mostly love to get inspired by tv movies, to find new ideas. There are many things that inspire me to get new work done.