The ink on Heather Moss

Heather Moss from AZ

Where did you grow up?
Born and raised AZ.

How was it growing up there, would you say that it influenced you?
It was so awesome, I know the future has a lot in store for me and I don't know where my family and I will end up, but if I could control it I would NEVER leave.

When did you start getting tattoos?
I got my first one when I was 18, but all of my tattoos stayed hidden until after I got married. I love my tattoos but like any little girl I knew what I wanted my wedding day to look like so I held back my wants until after my special day.

How would you describe your style?
Alternative Glam.... I like being different but I still love the glamorous part of photo shoots with sexy hair and makeup. I don't think that will ever get old.

Do you consider tattoos as a serious art form?
Of course I do. I believe it is a form of self-expression. I don't think people are doing it to be different, I think every tattoo has a reason why they have it and it’s that form in itself that sets tattoos apart.

How do you see the tattoo culture right now?
I think it's booming and I hope it only gets bigger and better. Being a shop owner myself, I love to see how people are representing this great industry and how it’s constantly changing every day. It’s great to see the people you look up to doing well, but on the other hand it’s great to see the new talents enter the industry and make their mark every day.

What has been your inspiration for getting them?
My family mostly, but I have also fallen in love with a lot of the trendy pieces in different cultures. My husband has done all of my work but my left sleeve was inspired by and artist by the name of Johnny Quintana. I love his work.

What’s your favorite piece?
My right sleeve.... It’s all about my kids and my marriage and there are a lot of hidden meanings in the whole piece that only some people know about. It was my first visible piece and I wanted it to be perfect and it truly is.

Do you catch people starring at you because of your ink?
Always, but still I think it’s more and more acceptable than it used to be. I use to feel like everyone was staring but I am so proud of my work and it has a lot of meaning to me. I don't feel like people are judging me I like to think they are admiring it.

In your opinion, do your tattoos change your mood often?
Only when I am getting work done. I have to be in the right mood to get tattooed, I can't just sit down and do it. I like to enjoy my sessions but lately I have been so busy that I don't feel calm enough to sit down for some work and I have a lot left to do. But no.... I don't think that tattoos alter the mindset of people.

What’s your most significant tattoo and why?
Again my right sleeve.... I put the most time and effort into it. It’s about my marriage and my kids and reminds me to savor each moment in life.

What’s your next tattoo?
If I ever get time. I need to finish my left sleeve, I just haven’t had time to sit down and plan out its completion.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get their first tattoo?
RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. Invest the proper money, thought and design into your lifetime commitments. Any good artist will sit with you and put your ideas down and change that drawing until it is absolutely perfect (well at least my guys do) its permanent so take your time. I do not regret ANY of my tattoos and that what I love so much about them.

What’s your biggest inspiration, what keeps you going?
My husband, he is super supportive of everything I am doing and will drop everything he is doing if something in my modeling career pops up. I want my kids to grow up and know that they can do anything with the hard work and dedication. My friend, Amber Viktoria, who works with me constantly and is always looking for the next best project, that is so much fun. We have turned a working relationship into such an amazing friendship and she is definitely someone I owe a lot to. My followers are always showing up to my events and commenting on my pictures and buying merchandise. To know they support me that much makes me want to put out more and more great work every day.

What is one thing that life has taught you?
Nothing in life is free, you have to work hard for everything you want. Stay humble, honor those who came before you and help those who have the same dreams. Life is too short to be selfish and it’s so much fun for me to work with girls who have the same aspirations as me.

Will you be getting anymore?
Absolutely. Just looking for the time.

Do you have a favorite quote?
I have so many. I get my daily inspirations from songs, poems, thoughts. I post a lot of them on Facebook, but if I had to choose one it would be.... "Goals are simply dreams with deadlines" I forgot who said it though.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this website and tell my story... XO