The ink on Reannon

Reannon from Georgia

Where did you grow up?
Savannah, Ga.

How was it growing up there, would you say that it influenced you?
Growing up here I went to an all Christian school until high school, then switched into an all girls Catholic school. I was always trying to do and be something different than your everyday school girl… I was always the girl either painting or sleeping and always had some new piercing no one had ever heard existed. It definitely influenced me to do my own thing.

When did you start getting tattoos?
I got my first tattoo a week after my 18th birthday. My friend had passed away a month before in a car accident so I got “Sa belle vie” on my shoulder which translates to “his beautiful life’’

How would you describe your style?
My style is somewhere between Katy Perry and Megan fox, with a little bit of southern thrown in. I try to mix it up a bit.

Do you consider tattoos as a serious art form?
Of course, it takes just as much skill if not more than it does to paint, not to mention the pressure knowing that your work is being basically permanently put on someone.

How do you see the tattoo culture right now?
It’s thriving at least where I live, its becoming more common thanks to all the S.C.A.D (Savannah College of Art and Design) students. They are really opening people’s eyes to the beauty of the art form of tattooing.

What has been your inspiration for getting them?
All my tattoos are reminders of people who have crossed my path and had a massive effect on it.
The bird on my side is for my grandpa. Growing up he used to call me little bird, because I was normally one of the smaller kids in my class.
The one on my shoulder and the quote on my side are for my friend Ricky who passed away at 15, in a car accident on January 1, 2010.  He was simply the most amazing person ever and deserves every one.
I also have a peacock feather on my foot I just recently got. It was my first experience with color tattoos. I’d post pictures but due to flip flops, down town Savannah, and rain puddles it got infected. But no worries it's mainly healed, it’s still scabbed over a bit but surprisingly no ink has came off. Just needs a little touch up here and there.

What’s your favorite piece?
The Socrates quote down my side. I like how it flows so well with my shape.

Do you catch people starring at you because of your ink?
Most of my ink you can’t see due to my profession, but at the beach yeah, I get some looks. But I think that’s mainly because of the hip piercings. Like I said, earlier Savannah has become more I guess you can say, accepting or use to the tattoo culture.

In your opinion, do your tattoos change your mood often?
They don’t change my mood really, but they are daily reminders of how precious life is.

What’s your most significant tattoo and why?
Again my Socrates quote.
I had hit this point in my life and nothing seemed to be going my way. I had just lost my good friend and was struggling with depression. And one day I was flipping through a bunch of stuff I had written down after Ricky passed away and I saw the quote
“Do not fear death but rather the unlived life.”
And knew I had to get it. It reminds me so much of him. He lived more in 15 years than most people do in their entire life. It reminds me every day not to be afraid of what may come or what the future may bring, but rather fear not being able to live your life and experiencing it to the fullest.

What’s your next tattoo?
First I’m getting the one on my foot touched up. My next tattoo will probably be a Día de los Muertos tattoo or adding another bird on my side I want to eventually make that a whole side piece.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get their first tattoo?
DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT get it on your foot! That shit hurt and was my fourth tattoo and most painful! So I don’t suggest that spot for beginners. Haha
And make sure that your tattoo means a lot to you, no matter what it may be and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

What is one thing that life has taught you?
“Life may not always be beautiful, but it’s been a beautiful ride.” Life’s taught me to accept and let go. Life’s showed me to appreciate what you have when you have it and to always tell those you love that you love them.

Will you be getting anymore?
For sure… no questions asked. :)

Do you have a favorite quote?
“Do not fear death but rather the unlived life.”
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over…. It became a butterfly.”

Anything else you would like to add?
Never regret any tattoo, because it’s a memory and part of you. And at one time it was exactly what you wanted.